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Livio Tragtenberg

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An immersive concert with musical dialogues bertween the musician Livio Tragtenberg and video projections with street musicians from different parts of the world, such as Bulgaria, Colombia, Middle East, France, among others. 

Playing bass clarinet, saxophones, electronics, Tragtenberg establish a vibrant and dynamic musical crossover with these players, recorded live on the streets.


A multimedia performance which the composer Livio Tragtenberg with virtual STREET MUSICIANS through video projections.
These musicians have different origins and styles, from accordionists, fanfare musicians, singers, beggars and blind players. They play in the streets of different cities from Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, France, Bulgaria and also from Jerusalem.

The music’s structure creates a blur; improvised parts alternate with fields of pre-structured material in which field recordings in different cities are processed by live performance  Through
projection, this human and cultural diversity and its sonorities
interacts with the noisy live musical performance of Livio Tragtenberg who plays electronic sounds and bass clarinet, dialoguing with these musicians, in an interaction where the sound conversations transport us through cities and cultures.

SOUNDING PEOPLE was presented at EXPERIMENTA in Madrid, Volksbuhne, Berlin , among others places in South America.

Duration - 60 minutes

Technical requirements -

01 microphone for bass clarinet

01 microphone for saxophone

02 Direct-box

01 screen or a backstage wall  available for projection

These concert will be played in many different spaces, including open air.


    silent film with blind musicians

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A unique project combining classic silent film and blind musicians playing live.

The film's soundtrack is synchronized live with sound effects in real time with the scenes and events of the film.


The result is magic.


Blind musicians can play any instruments and we only need a three-hour rehearsal on the day of the performance. In each city, local musicians are invited to participate.


The public does not understand how those blind musicians, with their backs to the projection, can be synchronized with the events of the film.


Different movie shows can be presented. A selection of short or medium length films. Comedies or Dramas will be selected.

Each performance should be with a new program.


Duration - 60 minutes  


Technical requirements -


02-03 (depending on the number of blind musicians) wireless headphones

01 central wireless headset with microphone (placed out of stage) or covered

02-03 microphones (depending on the number and instruments used)

02 direct box 01 screen or background wall for projection 01 projector

Amplification compatible with space and with sub-woofer

short videos -

The Sound Blind Orchestra has already performed in several music and film Festivals in Brazil, South America,  Europe. Notably at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin, Germany.

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