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Livio Tragtenberg

    Livio Tragtenberg 1961, Brazil)  is a composer, writer, producer and multimedia artist. Since 1979 is active in many areas of the contemporary creativity. Have more than 15 CD released and DVDs with instrumental and vocal music. His compositions covers a wide range of music styles from the song to the Music Theater.

He recently created the Sound Bridges Experience project bringing together Middle Eastern refugee musicians in Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany.


   Received grants, in international competitions, from John Simon Guggenheim Foundation of New York (1991), VITAE from Sao Paulo, among others prizes for opera compositions. 

      Wrote books with technical and critical approaches, the emphasis was to make these books helpful for all kinds of musicians and artists; and to show  specifics points of view, which criticizes the art of the present time. 

   He has several CDs edited, among them, OTHELLO, recorded in Stuttgart, Germany.


   Writes for newspapers, magazines and specialized publications, since 1982.

   Collaborated with film music for more than 50 productions.  Works also with sound design and audio digital post-production for film, video and TV. Since 1997 composes for dance-theater productions in Germany, in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, among others.

   Created the Street Musicians Orchestra of Sao Paulo in 2004. And also Street Musicians Orchestra of Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Miami.

Was the creator of the BLIND SOUND ORCHESTRA (2007), an ensemble of blind musicians playing live for old silent films.

   Self-taught, was Professor in the Music Department at State University of Campinas - UNICAMP - (1991-1998) and in the Film Dept. of the University of Sao Paulo - USP, and in the Communication and Philosophy Department of the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, PUC-SP.

Produced a weekly radio program called LETTER SOUND  - SOM DE LETRA - (Literature and music in focus) on Radio MEC FM, Rio de Janeiro, since August 2010-2016. 

Created, developed and produced the sound design and music for the BRAZIL PAVILLION at the World Exposition - EXPO 2015 - in Milan Italy, from May to October 2015. Promoted by APEX Brazil.

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Published books -

The Handcraft of the Composer Today (Org.). Editora Perspectiva 2012.

Musica de Cena (Scene Music). Editora Perspectiva, São Paulo, 1998. 

Counterpoint - A Composing Art. Editora da Universidade de São Paulo EDUSP, São Paulo, 1994. 

Musical Articles. Editora Perspectiva, São Paulo, 1990.

Introductions and Books Chapters published -

A Musica e o Inefavel by V. Jankelevitch, Perspectiva, 2018.

CANTABILE by Baldur Liesenberg. EDUSP 2016.

Music Invention 2 by Augusto de Campos, Editora Perspectiva, 2016.

The Ancient Greek Music by Theodore Reinach. Signs Collection / Music Publisher Perspectiva 2011.

The Classical Music of India by Alberto Marsicano. Signs Collection / Music, Editora Perspectiva, 2006. 

A tombeau for Haroldo de Campos, org. Leda Tenório da Motta. Publisher Perspectiva, 2005. 

Invention's Music by Augusto de Campos. Signs Collection / Music. Publisher Perspectiva 2000. 

JOHANN Kresnik und sein Choreographishes Theater Uta Ackermnann. Henschel, Berlin, 1999. 

Darius Milhaud: On the agenda of Claude Rostand. Publisher Perspectiva, 1997. 

Apontamentos de Aprendiz by Pierre Boulez. Editora Perspectiva, 1994.

Julio Bressane - Cinepoética. Massao Ohno Editor, 1995. 

Niestzsche and Music by Rosa Maria Dias Music. Imago Editora, 1994. 

Today`s Music 2  by Pierre Boulez. Publisher Perspectiva, 1992. 

Special project of social and musical engagement of an old community musical ensemble called Corporação Musical dos Homens de Cor (Musical Corporation of the Colored Men's) invited and produced by The Commerce Chamber of the city of Campinas, from August to November 2014.


Season of the Street Musicians Orchestra in the Square of Arts, SP, at the invitation of the Municipal Theater Foundation of São Paulo, between May and August 2013.


Music composition for the ballet 22, about the Modern Brazilian Art in the 20th Century, Cia. Stagium Ballet, Teatro SP, 2013.


Participated in the 29th International Biennial of São Paulo with the multimedia THE CABINET OF DOCTOR STRANGE from September to December, 2010.

Dr. Strange's Office traveled through o 16 cities in the São Paulo state isponsored by Circuito SESC of Arts, June 2011.


Curator of Exibition Haroldo de Campos - H LAXIA - with multimedia installations H LAXIA and THE OMEGA OF CORE at the Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo, February 2011.

Participation in the ExperimentaCLUB, Madrid, Spain, with the music performance NOISE PERSONAE in October 2010.


Premiered the music presentation Esfiha ELECTRONICA at Arabe House in Madrid, Spain, in October 2010.


Participated in the Experience Club Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the show NOISE PEOPLE in December 2009.


Presented in Jerusalem Cinemateque, Israel, a new musical created for the silent film São Paulo, Symphony of Metropolis(1929) in December 2007. 


Music Curator of the Brazilian Festival of Silent Cinema, at the Brazilian Cinematheque, with over 30 musical acts. Since 2007. 


Presented the live music for the film "São Paulo, the Symphonia of the metropolis" in the Auditorium of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, in October 2005 within the Festival d 'Automne. 


Musical direction of Luartrovado opera, from Pierrot Lunaire of A. Schoenberg, directed by Gerald Thomas, Teatro SESC Pinheiros, June 2007. 


Premiered the music theater Dead God's Ballad of Flávio de Carvalho in March 2007 Cultural Workshops in Oswald de Andrade, celebrating 20 years of workshops and the first staging of this piece in 1987. 


Premiered in 2006, the video-opera CUCARACHA MELODY a video opera about illegal immigrants, at SESC Ipiranga, Sao Paulo. 


Co-directed the MEDITERRANEAN ORCHESTRA with more than 15 guest musicians from Mediterranean countries like France, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. Shows within the show SESC Arts in August at SESC Pinheiros, with live CD and DVD recorded


Created NERVOUS CITY ORCHESTRA in Miami, USA, bringing together more than 17 Latin musicians in performances at the Byron Carlyle Theater in Miami, Florida, USA, 12, 13, and 14 April, and 20 to 24 November 2005. 


Participated in the electronic Culture Festival 4HYPE with the MUSICAL REINCORPORATION  a music project combining electronic music with the centennial Brass music from the country traditions, May 21, 2005 at SESC Pompeia, São Paulo. 


# Received the award for best soundtrack in 37nd Brazilian Film Festival of Brasilia, for 500 Almas, by Joel Pizzini, November 2004. 


# NEUROPOLIS a music project with the STREET MUSICIANS ORCHESTRA OF SAO PAULO, premiered in October 2004 at Olido Hall, São Paulo. 


# Since 1995 composes for the German choreographer Johann Kresnik, creating dance-theater shows in Germany, in Berlin theaters, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Bonn, Hannover, Essen,

with spectacles: 

Eine Eisemkeit Hundert (Bonn, 2004)

Jedermann (Essen, 2003),

Antigone (Hannover, 2002),

Die Trummer des Gewissens (Dresden, 2002)

Woyzeck (Hannover, 2001),

Garten der Luste (Volksbühne, Berlim, 2001),

Pasolini Testamento des Korpes (Hamburgo, 1997),

Antonin Nalpas (Volksbühne, de Berlim, 1997),

Leni (Colonia, 1996),

OTHELLO (Stuttgart, 1995),among others.


CDs released:

Sound Constructors (2019)

SKYLAB & Tragtenberg VOL.1,2 and 3 (2015-18)

Preludicos 1-12 (2013)

Verse Voice & Averse (2009)

Neuropolis (2007) Label SESC

Mediterranean Orchestra, SESC Label (2005)

New Collection Brazilian Dances (2003).

Brava Gente Brasileira (2000)

São Paulo, the Symphonia of Metropolis (2000)

Through the window (2000)

Bazulaques Brasileiros (1998)

Pasolini Suite (1996),

OTHELLO (1995),

Black Angels (1994)

Temperamental with Decio Pignatari (1993).

 LPs: Ritual (1981) and Bhurma (1987). 


Compositions for Orchestra


TELEROS for voice and orchestra (text Pignatari). Premiere in 1993 in the auditorium Claudio Santoro in Brasilia with the Symphony Orchestra of the National Theatre, conducted by Júlio Medaglia with Decius Participation Pignatari 

Alles Bewegung  for piano and orchestra with the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Campinas, Community Center, Campinas, 1997. 

MASKS FOR POUND for voices and chamber orchestra. With the Municipal Orchestra of Sao Paulo, Oswaldo regency Colarusso, SESC, 1985. 

O. DE A. DO BRAZIL – Commission from the City ofSão Paulo in hommage tothe writer Oswald de Andrade. With the Municipal Orchestra of Sao Paulo, Lyric Choir and Ballet of the City of Sao Paulo, Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, 1984. 

The Inferno of Wall Street - opera for camera orchestra, electronic and vocal soloists. Libretto from the text by Joaquim Sousândrade, 1987. Tatuturema – opera - soprano solo, four doublebasses and two percussionists. Libretto from the text by Joaquim Sousândrade, 1991. 

Explosion for Symphony Orchestra. Premiered with the Municipal Orchestra of Campinas, direction of Benito Juarez in 1992, no Center for Coexistence, Campinas, SP.

Bazulaque n.1 for Symphony Orchestra 1992. 


Among MANY OTHER compositions for chamber music, string quartets and soloists instruments, played in Brazil and abroad. 


Music and sound design for long length films:

00) River of Doubt by Joel Pizzini (2018)

01) SCHOLLES by Rejane Zilles (2016)

02) Destroying Jean Claude by Pedro Vieira and Claudia Priscilla (2015)

03) The Nation Which Do not wait for God. by Lucia Murat (2015)

04) New Gaza. By Rita Martins (2013)

05) Today, by Tata Amaral (2012)

06) Mr. Sganzerla. by. Joel Pizzini (2012)

07) LOOK at me New by Kiko Goifman (2011)

08) Milk & Iron by Claudia Priscilla (2010) 

09) Don Quixote of Araguaia by Erika Bauer (2010).

10) How long is the love? By Roberto Moreira (2009).

11) FilmeFobia by Kiko Goifman (2007) 

12) Cleopatra by Julio Bressane (2006)

13) Against All by Roberto Moreira (2004)

14) The Other Side of Rio by Lucas Bambozzi (2004)

15) Brava Gente Brasileira, by Lucia Murat (2000), 

16) Latitude Zero by Toni Venturi (2000);

17) 500 Souls, by Joel Pizzini. (2002). 

18) Stars of Heaven by Tata Amaral (1996) 

19) Through the Window by Tata Amaral (1999) 

20) São Paulo, the Symphonia of Metropolis by Kemeny and Lustig (1997); 

21) São Paulo - Symphony and Cacophony by Jean Claude Bernardet (1994); 

22) Sermons Júlio Bressane (1989) 

23) Mandarin by Júlio Bressane (1995) 

24) Miramar by  Júlio Bressane (1997) 

25) Bocage - The Triumph of Love, by Djalma Limongi (1997); 

26) Tendrel by Andrea Veloso (1996);


   Music for short films:

Small village by Luciana Sanci (2015)

Gramatyka by Paloma Rocha (2014).

Game Old by Deco Farkas and Arthur Guttilla (2012)

The world Lui, by Caru Alves de Souza (2010)

Carnival of the Gods by Caru Alves de Souza (2010)

Aphasia of by Cainan Valades (2011)

Skewer by Sara Silveira and William Marback (2006) 

Half a day by Joel Pizzini (1996)

Rondon by Joel Pizzini

The 4 yards (Art-city 2) by  Joel Pizzini

Glauces - Studies of a face (2001), by Joel Pizzini; 

Periwinkle flower (1988) by Joel Pizzini

Princess Radar (1990) by Roberto Moreira

Bitter Pleasure (1988) by Roberto Moreira

Table not Bleeds (1986) by Roberto Moreira; 

Brennand by Lys Donnovan (2000); 

About 60s – by Tata Amaral and Jean Claude Bernardet; 

Torments by Andrea Seligmann (1998) 

Empire Charter by Renato Bulcão (1991); 

Rhapsody for Orchestra and Cinema - with the Symphony Orchestra of Campinas, by Adilson Ruiz (1992); 

Who would be happy guest of Isadora Duncan (part of the feature film Oswaldianas) by Julio Bressane 

Twenties  Modernism- production of ITAU cultural  

Senior – by Eliane Flag (1983)


Music and Sound Design for Exhibitions


 - EXPO 2015 - Brazil Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Sound design and Soundtrack.

- RIVER! Curated by Jair de Souza, Shed of Arts, Rio de Janeiro, 2014.

- The power of object - Brazilian Handcraft reference center, SEBRAE, Rio de Janeiro, 2014.

- Hand Free Luis Carlos Ripper. Post Office Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, 2013.

Inauguration of the Sea - Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Jair design Souza, 2013.

SP 450 Multimedia Exhibition in Brazilian Art Museum of FAAP, São Paulo. Celebrating 450 years of the City of São Paulo


 Sound Installations 


2011 - H Laxia and THE OMEGA OF CORE in Occupation Haroldo de Campos not Itau Cultural and

2011 - The OMEGA'S CORE at Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, SP ..

2010 - THE CABINET OF DR. STRANGE at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo,

2009 - PERSONAS NOISE - CPFL, Campinas.

2000- Festival Amazon, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany 1998- Urban Streams, Amazon and Borders not Itaú Cultural de São Paulo 1996 - As 4 Gares Joel Pizzini, Project Arts CITY, São Paulo. 

1994- SP - Loud speaker, Project Art, City, Municipal Hall, S. Paulo - SP 

1985 - Five Saints? - XVIII International Biennial Sound Installations 


video installations


Architectures  with Jurandir Muller and Kiko Goifman, for the opening of the Instituto Tomie Ohtake of Art, S.Paulo, 2001. 

Industrial Park  from the novel Parque Industrial of Patricia Galvao - Pagu, videos of Roberto Moreira and Georgia Costa (1999)


Music and audio production for Video Series 


FOLK ART with 10 videos TV Production TAL (2011)

Virada Series with 10 videos TV Production TAL (2010)

The Image Collector Kiko Goifman and Jurandir Muller (2002) 

Torments of Lucas Bambozzi (2000) 

killed one family in 1 Minute Cassio Maradei

Ouver Galaxias Gil Hungary and Cassio Maradei (1990) 

Guyana series Border Itau cultural, direction of Roberto Moreira (1998) Tunga in Paulista - Itaú cultural Production, Direction Roberto Moreira (1998) 


Miscellaneous documentaries for educational support produced by Itaú Cultural. 




2013 - PROAC - State Secretary of Culture of São Paulo for the CD recording Preludicos 10-12 

2004 – Best Soundtrack for the film 500 Soul by Joel Pizzini - Brasilia Film Festival.

2002 - Cultural Prize Sergio Motta Institute Sergio Motta, São Paulo

2001 - Best Soundtrack for the film Brava Gente Brasileira Film, Lucia Murat - Brasilia Film Festival.

1997 - Best Soundtrack for the film Miramar - Julio Bressane -Brasilia Film Festival.

1988 – National Prize Award Sarney As featured composer. 1999 - APCA Prize For Music Formless, Marta Soares dance SPECTACLE. 


Music for theater:


Huis Clos Jean Paul Sartre. Dir. Sergio Salvia Coelho (2013)

The Awakening of Spring, dir. William Marback (2013)

Sonata a Kretuzer, dir. Andre Capuano (2011)

Cat without Tail (Centro Cultural São Paulo, 2006) 

Só as Gordas Sao Felizes (SESC Ipiranga, 2005)

HAMLET Shakespeare (Teatro SESI São Paulo, 2002)

Caligula A. Camus (Teatro Sérgio Cardoso, São Paulo, 1990)

Oedipus the King by Sophocles (Teatro Ruth Escobar, São Paulo, 1983)

Black Angel Nelson Rodrigues (Teatro Nelson Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro1993)

The Ghosts Ibsen (Theatre Domus, São Paulo, 1985)

The Scene of Beginning by Haroldo de Campos Origin Theatre Mars, São Paulo, 1989)

The Dead God of Ballet Flávio de Carvalho, Cultural Workshops Three Rivers, California, in 1987.


Music for Dance


Offsets 2 - Cultural Workshops Oswald de Andrade - March 2016.

Shifts in the Casa Modernista, dir. Marta Soares (2014)

22 - Ballet Stagium (2012)

Vestiges of Marta Soares (2010)

The Bath Marta Soares, SESC Belenzinho (2006)

The Jasmine Man Marta Soares, CCSP, 2004. 

Formless choreography Marta Soares, 2002 Centro Cultural São Paulo, SP.


Radio Programs


Produces and hosts the weekly radio program LETTER SOUND (SOM DE LETRA) Radio in MEC FM in Rio de Janeiro, since August 2010.

Musical demolitions in 05 specials programs at Radio Cultura FM of São Paulo, 1997.

Performs as soloist in music festivals in Europe, Latin America and United States since 1987.

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